Collections & Recovery

"No Success No Fee"

We describe ourselves as one of the leading collection call centre, offering a fair and ethical approach to debtors, debt buyers or recovery law firms whilst ensuring results for creditors. AAA Biz main interests are in the medical, banking, retail, utility industries and we have a wealth of experience providing collection services in these areas.

AAA Biz debt collections call centre staff have comprehensive experience in all type of collections, providing you with all the resources and expertise necessary for fast, efficient debt collection.

AAA Biz collection practices include regular telephone calls by professional, trained debt recovery and collection specialists. Within 24 hours of receiving your debt account database, AAA Biz will attempt to make contact with the debtor by telephone calls. We will follow all the steps strictly with law & compliance before start contacting the customers.

We are aware collections have to be done with professional approach, to maintain goodwill and also follow Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. At AAA Biz our staff is well prepared before they go live with complete training module based on legal aspects of business.

B2C Collections
B2B Collections

Our Steps at centre with new collections campaign :

  • Training
  • Analyze & Develop Pitch
  • Call Debtors
  • Get Debtors Talking
  • Listen, Probe, Understand
  • Negotiate to Success
  • Get collected


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